This book is written mostly for journalist and for that part of the wide public which might be interested in the problems of efficiency and inefficiency of the mass media. It deals mostly with the psychological aspects of journalism and the role these aspects play in its efficiency.

The book is written in the form of scientific-popular literature. The exposition of the content is done in plain non-academic language and format but at the same time the valid scientific basis was used to substantiate the propositions and the arguments of the author. As it might be seen from the list of contents the book would not fall in the wide stream of psychological and semi-psychological literature which is well known in the West under the topics of "psychology of persuasion", "psychology of propaganda", "psychology of mass communication" etc. though it has with them some elements in common. The three main differences are: 1) the present book is of practical, pragmatic not of academic orientation; 2) it is based only partly on the laboratory research and experiment and manly on the analysis of practical material from the mass media mostly the newspapers; 3) as a source of the material for the analysis the up to date publications of the Soviet press was used. The western sources were introduced sometimes only for the purposes of comparison. There is no structured exposition of some theory of propaganda or of persuasion but some appropriate theoretical concepts from scientific psychology are applied as explanatory instruments for the assessment of different psychological aspects of mass media activity. Many of the questions are discussed in the light of the perestroika processes in the USSR.

The interest of the American reader might be excited by the description of the new aspects of the democratization and glasnost' processes in the USSR, by the psychological analysis of the Soviet mass media activity, by the new attitude to the mass media and their new goals.

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Источник: С.К. Рощин. Психология и журналистика. 1989

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